Roche launches a global network of cancer immunotherapy centers of research excellence (imCORE™)

Roche Igea Luca Dezzani

15 November 2016

Roche has launched the global network of cancer immunotherapy Centers of Research Excellence (imCORE™), which will bring together many of the world’s leading scientific and clinical experts in cancer immunotherapy for collaborating in the investigation of the most promising new treatment approaches. The target is to start pre-clinical and clinical research rapidly based on the latest scientific discoveries and to aggregate and share data for accelerating the search for cures for people with cancer. The imCORE™ Network will focus on finding ways to expand the number of people who benefit from cancer immunotherapy by exploring new approaches for activating a person’s immune system to fight their cancer.

Up to 100 million Swiss Francs will be invested by Roche for supporting basic and clinical research collaborations regarding cancer immunotherapy. This investment is incremental to the on-going research and development of investigational medicines and treatment approaches of Roche in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

Sandra Horning, MD, Chief Medical Officer and Head of Global Product Development, Roche, said: “We believe the fastest way to advance progress against cancer is through collaboration, and consistent with our values, the goal of imCORE is to facilitate access to new technologies and emerging data among the top researchers around the world. imCORE represents our most recent commitment to collaborate with the global cancer community to further understand the biology and immunology of cancer and to develop new treatments that may one day offer a cure for people with cancer.’’


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