AstraZeneca Rivals Tesaro Using PARP Inhibitor with Strong Ovarian Cancer Study Results

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Mar 14, 2017

The PARP inhibitor of AstraZeneca, Lynparza, delay the recurrence of ovarian cancer by more than two years compared to a placebo, according to results from a phase III study presented recently. The strong benefits observed with Lynparza as ovarian cancer maintenance therapy exceeded investor expectations and bolsters AstraZeneca against a competing PARP inhibitor from Tesaro. The new Lynparza study results are also likely to impact the way investors view the market value of Clovis Oncology and its recently approved PARP inhibitor Rubraca.

In the phase III study known as SOLO-2, AstraZeneca enrolled 295 women with ovarian cancer containing a mutation to a tumor suppressor gene known as BRCA. All the women entered the study having achieved a complete or partial tumor response to platinum-based chemotherapy. The women were then randomized to receive Lynparza tablets or a placebo as maintenance therapy and followed to determine the length of time before their cancer started to grow again. The results revealed that treatment with Lynparza reduced the risk of ovarian cancer tumor progression by 75% compared to placebo, according to a blinded and independent review of the patient scans.

Dr. Richard Penson, associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School and an investigator in the Lynparza clinical trial, said: “The magnitude of this benefit for patients is really quite impressive.”

Already in the U.S., Lynparza is used as a treatment for ovarian cancer patients with BRCA mutant tumors no longer responsive to three or more prior therapies. Lynparza is approved in Europe as a second-line maintenance therapy for ovarian cancer patients with BRCA mutated tumors.


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